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Established in 1977, Pan Taiwan Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of industrial safety equipment in Taiwan. We currently supply a broad range of personal protective equipment covering four major categories: head & face protection, hand & body protection, traffic safety, and facility safety.

We also accept OEM orders based on clients’ samples or blueprints. We have production facilities in both Taiwan and China for mold tooling and plastic injection. Our engineers and R&D team can support product design and development which turns your idea to be real.

So far our products have been exported to over 80 countries all around the world. Since 1996, we have established a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001. Most of our products are already approved by CE and ANSI standards. For the past four decades, our sales and technician teams have been dedicated to provide our customers with innovative products, competitive prices, and prompt delivery.

Eye Protection

Head Protection

Hearing Protection

Hand Protection