Head Protection & Face Protection

Protect yourself with Pan Taiwan's top-quality PPE products: helmets, goggles, earmuffs, ear plugs, safety glasses, face shields, mask, half masks and more. Customizable designs available to meet your specific safety needs. Our skilled team of engineers and designers can turn your ideas into reality. With production facilities in Taiwan and China, we're committed to providing the best safety solutions for our customers. Stay safe and secure with Pan Taiwan.

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Over Spectacles
Well-designed, lightweight, tough polycarbonate lens with wide range of vision, fits over ...


Protective Spectacle
Attactive design, polycarbonate lens for impact resistance and UV protection, with sideshi ...


Clear Face Shield
• Provide face protection against liquid and water spray.
• Can be worn with glasses. ...


Plastic Bracket
ABS construction, grooved frame with spring coil, easy
to install on helmet and sturdy. ...


Climbing Helmet
ABS shell, tough, lightweight, durable.
Available with adjustable inner suspension for shoc ...


Clip Type Nylon Chin Strap With Quick Release
Woven chin strap with quick release.


Eye Shield for Assembly with a Safety Helmet
●CLEAR-LENS TECHNOLOGY: Ultra-clear frameless design for pristine, uninterrupted vision.
●V ...


Refill Filter
Can be used in a variety of ways, including dust, toxic dust and chemical hazards. Cotton ...


Refill Filter
Used to cover on filter cartridges to prevent dust clogging. Protect against oil and non-o ...


ABEK1P3 Multiple Respirator Cartridge
ABEK1P3 multiple respirator cartridge, for organic, inorganic, acid gases and vapors, ammo ...


ABEK1 Multiple Respirator Cartridge
ABEK1 multiple respirator cartridge, for organic, inorganic, acid gases and vapour, ammoni ...


A2P3 Multiple Respirator Cartridge
A2P3 multiple respirator cartridge, for organic vapors, P3 filter cartridge/filter cotton ...